Medium Crayon ForKids Students And Fine Artists

Artoys medium crayon, dia 1.1cm, Brillant color &smoothness Bright, fun shades to inspire self-expression and imaginative play. Made by soft texture that glides smoothly on paper.

Product Details

Medium Crayon forKids Students and Fine Artists

12 Pack Wax Based Artist Crayons For Kids Students and Fine Artists

Crayons have been one of the beloved art tools for kids and students while learning to spell, color and draw. 

This assortment of 12 non-toxic wax based crayons features smooth draw capability that leaves velvety rich finishes of bold and bright colors! Each crayon is designed with vivid color, strength and soft texture, kids or students can glide smoothly on paper. Ideal for small hands.

If you have messy kids around, or you're just an adult who likes crayons and also likes writing on furniture, you'll love this set of 12 ct crayons.

Recommended for ages 4 and up.


Key Features:

• 12 assorted brilliant colors

• Easy open tuck box

• Brilliant hues, delicate shades and subtle blends

• Clean and less mess

• Quality Guaranteed

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