Non-Toxic Small Wax Crayon In Color Box Dia 0.8cm In 8 Assorted Colors

Wax crayon with Brillant color &smoothness Bright, fun shades to inspire self-expression and imaginative play.

Product Details

Non-Toxic small Wax Crayon in color box Dia 0.8cm in 8 Assorted Colors


Product Description:

Artoys Crayons are the classic kids' art tool. They are the colors generations have grown up with. The Crayons are designed with a focus on true color, smoothness, and durability. provide bright colors, smooth laydown, easy blending and non-flaky coloring.

Make your designs truly stand out with texture and bright colors of artoys crayons.
Perfect for use at school, home, and so much more.
No-toxic, Safe for kids art drawing.

Product Features:

• 8 assorted brilliant colors

• Smooth drawing capability

• Clean and less mess

• Quality Guaranteed

• Safe, non-toxic

Packing & Delivery

Size: 9.1*16.6*1.8CM

8 color per color box, 60 boxes per inner box 

240 color box / outer ctn, 39*21*23cm

G.W: 12.3kgs N.W: 10.8kgs

Delivery date: 35 days after confirmed PO.

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