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Acrylic paint hand-painted t shirts

Feb 21, 2017

(1) vinyl release with water, cleaning is convenient.
(2) speed. Pigments in the pen after a few minutes to dry, don't like paintings that completion required several months to finish. Like slow drying characteristics of paint painter pigment retardants to slow the drying time available.
(3) coloring layer will swiftly lose soluble, as well as tough, elastic, impermeable membrane. This film is similar to rubber.
(4) full color, thick, fresh, no matter how reconciliation will not "dirty" and "gray" feeling. Coloring layer never had oil fouling phenomena.
(5) work lasting longer. Oil painting in the film over a long period of easily oxidized, yellowing, hard and easy so that the screen cracked. Acrylic film and theoretically never brittle, nor will turn yellow.
(6) acrylic paints in the way painting is the biggest difference with General operating characteristics of waterborne paints, watercolor and gouache.
(7) in acrylic plastic ointment with granules, and there is a distinction between coarse and fine particles, it provides convenience for making textures.
(8) acrylic paints-toxic, does not harm to the human body.