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How to protect oil painting

Feb 21, 2017

1. on the back of the canvas thinly coated with two layers of natural beeswax dissolved in turpentine oil in advance, can completely prevent moist air into and damaging.
2. the oil painting to avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a long time, because of the great destructive UV color will cause fading and discoloration.
3. pay attention to ventilation and moisture of the room to store oil painting, as far away from the bathroom and the kitchen, take care to avoid dust and soot damage to the canvas, and maintain a certain temperature and humidity within the room. Wet paint must dry slowly, avoid exposure, otherwise the picture is easy to fall off.
4. avoid painting two pictures posted. Adhesion of avoiding temperature rises so that the screen and led to loss of paint, damaged picture.
5. roll oil painting canvas, picture facing out, outer cylinder volume, then use plastic wrap to prevent paint cracking.