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How to save oil painting

Feb 21, 2017

1, art show location is the key. Picture hanging forever in a stable environment, as caused by changes in temperature and humidity over the expansion and contraction of the canvas.
2, if you hang the picture in the House by the perimeter wall, corner in the bottom of the picture frame on the wall between the Cork to prevent damage works in cold and wet.
3, seal the back of the paintings with boards to prevent the intrusion of dust and insects.
4, dirt in the House would harm paintings, the basic work of keeping clean is the maintenance of collections.
5, avoid sprays, pesticides and cigarette smoke, all of this makes paintings were damaged. Do not use cleansers, sponges or cleaners to touch paintings or frames. To clear the dust, use a light Sable Brush.
6, most often caused by timing of the paintings were damaged, mostly at the time of shipping and moving. Too large or particularly expensive works, consider looking for professionals to deliver. If you decide to come, before you start checking for loose parts or signs of damage. Confirm picture frame securely. In the moving, painting the front must face his own. And pay attention to your hands and fingers dirty with oil may stain paintings with pigments.