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Study on the drawing color and light

Feb 21, 2017

Is a physical phenomenon of light and color. As we know, is a British scientist Isaac Newton with Prism separation reason, light orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple and other colors spectrum, and the phenomenon known as the dispersion of light into spectrum of the Sun. Modern science confirms that light is an electromagnetic wave radiation in the form, with the wave and particle nature. Color world is the essence of a light wave and a rainbow of color is the result of light radiation, optical absorption and reflection of different objects are different, as we see the green leaves, it is absorbs other colors of light, and green reflected light waves. Yellow, red and blue color show is also based on the same reasoning. As for white, all light is reflected, and the black absorbs all light.
In addition, optical and medical studies have shown that people of color feel first cone cell function, it can feel, resolved in the shade of red, blue, green, and reflect. In visual cortex and other nerves, with the number of color feeling of movement, not only to form a vibrant color, has produced a unified tone.