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Glass Paint Dry General Standard

Nov 01, 2017

First of all, we mentioned here refers to the glass paint refers to the two-component glass paint, that is, there are thinner and curing agent glass paint. If the one-component glass paint drying standards are separately described separately.

If the study from the direction of the glass paint after the curing process is a complex physical and chemical processes. Glass paint attached to the glass surface, with the diluent evaporation, film-forming material polymerization gradually lose liquidity. Finally, a layer of paint on the glass surface. Play the role of protection and decoration. This drying process has several stages of curing. There have been some criteria for judging these stages. Due to the requirements of mass production now. From the paint process time control, hope that the film curing time is as short as possible. However, the glass lacquer itself, the drying and curing time is the lower limit, take some time to carry out the reaction and curing process, so as to ensure the quality of glass paint after drying and curing. So between production and quality. We have to find a balance. It is particularly important to judge the drying time of the glass paint film.

In simple terms. Glass paint drying process can generally be divided into two major stages of dry and hard work. If you want to define this point in time is: table dry is in the provisions of the dry conditions, the surface of the film forming time for the dry time. All the paint film to form a solid time for the dry time. in most cases. We also in the spray when the surface to determine whether the next step can be carried out the standard. And hard work is to determine whether the paint glass can follow the standard. But the empirical thing is obtained by practice. Often with the geographical, temperature, humidity and operating technology gap. The same experience is not fully applicable to all areas. Then how to have a set of meticulous standards as a basis for judging is the glass paint in the process of judging the more important basis. With this set of more detailed standards, combined with the experience of processing income. You can get a more accurate glass paint after the film forming the concept of time. For mastering the processing time and progress has a very important role.

Detailed film drying time is generally divided into five steps.

Do not dry dust dry. This drying refers to the glass paint after spraying the film does not fight the dry state of dust, the general visual that can be judged.

Two contact dry. Fingers touch the paint film. Leaving no glass paint on the fingers after leaving.

Three tables dry. Fingers touch the surface of the film, a little hard. If the film does not leave the finger marks that is dry.

Four hard work. Fingers forced press the film, you can rotate around, observe the surface of the film no obvious finger marks.

Five through dry. Under the specified pressure, the film is not damaged, completely dry.

The above five nodes to determine the standard is relatively clear, and its verification method is also easy to operate. In actual production. Can be based on the needs of their respective production processes, in the next process of processing, the film can be dry to what extent, can be used as a judge of the standard. So as to avoid relying on experience to cause misjudgment, and thus affect the quality of processing.

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