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Glass Paint Spray Construction Operation Skills

Jun 23, 2017

First, the glass paint spray construction techniques:

1, with a clean thinner or water to the paint to the appropriate spray viscosity, measured by the coating -4 viscometer, the appropriate viscosity is generally 18 to 30 seconds. If there is no viscometer, the visual method can be used: bar (bar or stick) to stir the paint after the stir to 20 cm high to stop observation, such as paint in a short time (a few seconds) within the line, then Is too thick; such as a barrel from the edge of the line is too thin; to 20 cm high is stopped, the paint into a straight line, instantly cut into a drop down, the viscosity is more appropriate.

2, the air pressure is best controlled at 0.3-0.4 MPa (3-4 kgf / cm2). The pressure is too small, poor spray paint, the surface will form pitting: the pressure is too large easy to hang, and the paint mist is too large, both a waste of material and affect the health of the operator.

3, the distance between the nozzle and the object is generally 200-300 mm is appropriate Too easy to sagging; too far misty fog uneven, prone to pitting, and the nozzle away from the surface of the long fog on the way to cause a waste of waste. The specific size of the distance, should be based on the type of glass paint, viscosity and pressure to adjust the size of the appropriate. Slow drying paint spray can be far away from the point of time, when the viscosity is thin, the air pressure is large, the distance can be far, the pressure can be a little closer; the so-called near point is 10 mm to 50 mm range adjustment, If this range is exceeded, it is difficult to obtain an ideal paint film.

4, the gun can be used up and down, about to move, preferably 10-12 m / min speed uniform action, the nozzle should be flat in the surface spray, try to reduce the oblique spray. When sprayed at both ends of the surface, the hand of the gun trigger to quickly loose, so that the paint mist reduced, because the two ends of the surface, often to accept more than two spray, is the most likely to cause sagging place.

5, when spraying to the next one to suppress the 1/3 or 1/4, so that it will not leak phenomenon. Spray fast-drying paint, the need to spray the order in a row. Filling effect is not ideal.

6, in the outdoor open place to spray, pay attention to the wind (the wind is not suitable for operation), the operator should stand in the direction of the wind, to prevent the mist from the wind has been sprayed on the paint film caused ugly granular surface.

7, spray the order is: first difficult after the first, after the first outside. The first high after the low, the first small area after a large area. This will not cause the spray after the spray fog spray has been sprayed on the film, damage has been sprayed good film.