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How To Identify Fluorocarbon Paint With Acrylic Paints

Sep 29, 2017

Fluorocarbon and acrylic lacquers are classic industrial coating products, in many industrial paint products, fluorocarbon paint and acrylic paints is the most easy to confuse the two products, then, how should we quickly grasp their advantages , How to identify their differences, here we ask the Beijing Forbidden City paint fluorocarbon paint experts, to explain the relevant knowledge.

What are the differences between fluorocarbon paint and acrylic paints?

A good difference in weather resistance: fluorocarbon coating known as the "King of paint", fluorocarbon coating weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance than acrylic paints better.

(2) cost difference is very large: Fluorocarbon paint is a high-grade paint, and acrylic paints is mid-range paint, fluorocarbon paint price is generally 2 to 4 times the acrylic paints, painting effect and weather resistance, it is more than it The

<Three> application areas are not the same: acrylic paints is mainly used in steel, metal, aluminum and other material surface. Fluorocarbon paint is usually used in construction, chemical, electronic appliances, aerospace industry, mechanical engineering and other large machinery and equipment, painting a wide range of areas.

How to identify fluorocarbon paint with acrylic paints

Fluorocarbon paint product performance overview?

Fluorocarbon Paint Product Category: Fluorocarbon paint, aluminum fluorocarbon paint, steel fluorocarbon paint, metal fluorocarbon paint.

Fluorocarbon paint industry classification: GB Fluorocarbon paint, non-national standard fluorocarbon paint

Fluorocarbon paint consumption: per kilogram can usually spray 3 to 5 square meters.

Fluorocarbon paint life: 7 to 15 years.