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Metallic Tempera Paint And Ordinary Paint! Are You Really Going To Recognize It?

Jun 13, 2017

Metallic Tempera Paint and ordinary paint is usually used in car body decoration, often people ask whether Metallic Tempera Paint or ordinary paint good, the difference between the two. Here to teach you some can effectively distinguish between Metallic Tempera Paint and ordinary paint method, the correct identification of Metallic Tempera Paint and ordinary paint, everyone to study it!

When decorating the body of a private car, it is commonly used to paint both metallic and ordinary paint. As the name suggests, metallic paint has metal particles, metal texture. At the same time, both kinds of lacquer are more common decoration materials. So how do you differentiate between metallic paint and ordinary paint?

What is Metallic Tempera Paint and ordinary paint?

Metallic paint refers to the paint ingredients to add a fine metal ions of a coating, but also the current popular automotive topcoat. Metal ions are generally fine aluminum particles, can reflect the light on the car surface, so that the private car in the sun to appear gorgeous dazzling, ' glittering ', while the car color, and even Chei seems to change. This kind of Metallic Tempera Paint gives a person a pleasant, brisk, fashionable feeling, making the car overall more rich and interesting. Usually outside the Metallic Tempera Paint, there is a layer of varnish to protect the car surface and paint surface.

Ordinary paint is a general plain paint, color is pure color, no silver powder and other metal particles added, pure color, but less metal color and texture. Ordinary paint soft, compared to Metallic Tempera Paint, easy to scrape flowers. Cars decorated with ordinary paint are more suitable for people with low profile.

II. Practicality of metallic paint and common paint

Because Metallic Tempera Paint contains metal components, so the hardness of the paint is higher, in the protection of the effect of the same time can slow down the surface of the car paint aging. Metal composition makes the paint surface hard, but also can withstand the larger weather in the sand off the face of the larger damage, not easy to scrape. At the same time, metal film tenacity, can better resist ultraviolet rays, and corrosion resistance is excellent, can improve the life of the coating. Applicable to metal, wood and other protection, can also be used as paint protection decoration.

and ordinary paint because the hardness of the paint surface is relatively soft, often in the process of driving on the highway by the wheel rotation and bouncing on the pavement small stones and other objects sharp part of the scratch, resulting in the paint surface peeling or scraping flowers, so need to often waxing, increase the protective film. In addition, the ordinary paint car in the cleaning should not be directly with dry cloth or wet cloth wipe, should first with a large amount of water washed off the surface of the car adhesion to the dust, so as to avoid the car paint is adsorbed on the hard dust scratch.

The beauty of metallic paint and ordinary lacquer

Metallic Tempera Paint because of mixed with metal powder, visual aesthetic degree increased, in different angles of light, car color and contour in the vision will vary in different angles, because the refraction of light, will make the car color or contour changes, there is a level of beauty. At the same time, the metal particles caused by light reflection, so that the body brightness increased, giving people a pleasant, light feeling, highlighting the grade. At the same time, because the Metallic Tempera Paint surface is hard, can make the car look more three-dimensional. You can use a wet cloth on the appropriate amount of grinding agent in the inconspicuous part of repeated friction, cloth color is not Metallic Tempera Paint.

Ordinary paint color is more elegant, pure, but the surface can not flash metallic luster, suitable for personality introverted calm, taste simple and elegant people. Ordinary lacquer classic color has black, red, white and so on, these paint if add silver powder, will produce very big color difference, for example, red will become wine red, yellow into golden. Color distortion, not for the audience to accept, in the modern home design, Metallic Tempera Paint is also widely used in the home background wall and ceiling space decoration, the Metallic Tempera Paint high gloss to the home, usually in the European style of home will be used more widely.

The above is the small finishing of the Metallic Tempera Paint and ordinary paint some differences. In fact, the Metallic Tempera Paint and ordinary paint is very different, but the best of what is not conclusive. Choose which kind of paint, still want to see a person likes and needs.