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On The Application Of Watercolor In The Artistic Creation Of

Jul 17, 2017

Joseph Marold William Turner was the representative of the British Academy painters in the first half of the 19th century, undoubtedly among the most distinguished landscape painters in the history of Western art. With John Constable as "two people who really made the British landscape out of the Dutch, French or Italian painting and embarked on their own path." It is famous for its subtle relationship between light and air, and it is unique for the use and innovation of color, especially for water and gas. His works can be so delicate to show the British at that time a particular historical background of cultural temperament and style, with his free use of color and continuous self-breakthrough, rigorous and serious creative attitude has an important relationship.

First, William Turner watercolor art in the color

1750-1850, the British watercolor has a special history, life status, and the middle class and above families have a close relationship, become the middle class aristocratic children essential homework, and later gradually into the people's lives, customs, watercolor to the Unique world of the times, gradually affecting the rest of Europe and the Americas. Turner is in such a background to start his watercolor art tour. Turner early works of watercolor painting is basically a pencil sketch with watercolor color. This is also the characteristics of early watercolor painting, to the early 19th century, the pigment increased to more than thirty kinds of watercolor for the development of the foundation, an increase of watercolor color expression. At this point, Turner began to engage in watercolor painting creation. They first use watercolor to imitate the hue of oil painting, imitate the works of oil painting master, drawing oil painting techniques. Watercolor painting from the early to India or black ink in China, the way to develop into a regional color rendering, changing the previous imitation of oil painting dark brown tones, so that the whole picture of the color up quickly. Turner is keen and unique for color cognition and grasp. The color of his watercolor is bright and clear, flexible use of thick color coating method, making the painting as a whole bright and poetic. His works "Dudley Fort and the ship on the river", showing the entire harbor shrouded in the air and the sun, the hustle and bustle of the scenery in his magical brush under the performance of the most vivid, magical unpredictable, soft and no lack of rhythm Of the lively, without any restraint, do not rigidly adhere to the lines and frames. Another example is Turner's "Sunrise on the Windy Beach" and "Pate Parker's Sketch", the performance of the scene is the flow of time, showing only one day in the fleeting glamorous effect. The picture of the atmosphere and the bath in the air of the scene, in the mist-like shrouded in the shadows with a glimpse of the imagination with the imagination to imagine the other, which showed his ability to control the color of the high attainments The

Second, listen to Turner's color language

(A) the perfect exchange of color and light

Turner is very good at the light and color perfect blend together, good at observing and studying the law of change, and applied to the creation of them. He knows nature, is better at integrating emotions into strokes, expressing and releasing the reverence and love for the beauty of nature. He will be light, the scenery together, the light and shade effect gives the color of the new vitality, bright sunshine, or sparkling sea, sunny blue sky or sunset, make the color has a very strong brightness, Pure and transparent, with a clean texture, giving the United States to enjoy. The reason why so successful, thanks to his superb grasp of the skill of the color and the skill of the perfect combination of light and color skills. He is very fond of the sea, the sun, light smoke and other scenery are to convey the infinite reverie, fascinating, intriguing. In the imagination he created in front of the contours and lines are no longer important, just quietly appreciate the ease of which.

(B) the integration of history and art

Turner will be the reflection of history and the introduction of reality into the landscape, such as those depicting the rise and fall of the story of the painting. He combines narrative elements and dramatic passion into landscapes. As the performance of the theme and connotation of the change, painting techniques and performance techniques have changed, strokes more unrestrained warm. Painting to enhance the mood of the overall composition and color requirements are more demanding, which requires the author to continue to break through and innovation can be achieved. Turner painting in his later years is to dip the paper in the water soaked, and then coloring, resulting in different texture, the end of the painting tree, house, etc., wipe high light, remove astigmatism. Turner works in the expression of emotion are through the color to show the use of innovative and innovative use of color also makes him better control of color and thus accurate and free to show the emotions.