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The Taboo Of Acrylic Paint Polyurethane Paint

Jul 05, 2017

Acrylic paint film drying fast, good adhesion, heat resistance, weather resistance performance,

It has good outdoor durability and can be applied at low temperature.

1, not recommended with a single set of primer matching. Cypress because Acrylic Paint polyurethane paint is a two-group topcoat, single group of solvent-resistant type of primer is not easy to bite when the surface paint construction.

2. The matching of diluent. Acrylic Paint Polyurethane paint must choose a matching diluent, otherwise it will seriously affect the quality of products.

3, to choose slow-drying thinner. Thinner drying is not conducive to paint and the full contact with the substrate.

4, Acrylic Paint polyurethane paint is a two-group paint, in the construction of how much, with a good paint use cycle is generally best in 4 hours to use out, to avoid unnecessary waste.

5, epoxy zinc-rich primer on the surface of the steel has a good adhesion performance, but it and Acrylic Paint polyurethane paint is not a kind of, so in the construction must be dry primer in the above paint, otherwise there will be a melting of the bottom of the phenomenon.

6, in the construction of the two kinds of paint thinner can not be used, if the wrong paint will appear dissolved phenomenon or paint resin precipitation.

Conclusion: Acrylic Paint polyurethane paint needs no matching primer, what kind of primer, to achieve the target effect, is to be based on their own application environment, anti-aging degree, anti-corrosion age demand, weather resistance needs, such as comprehensive consideration, professional matching techniques, to achieve professional coating effect, above is the Acrylic Paint polyurethane paint Primer selection Method Specific explanation, if there are questions please consult our coating experts.