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Watercolor Paint We Are Both Familiar And Unfamiliar - White

Jul 17, 2017

Recently in the finishing of everyone's message, found that many people asked the "white pigments" problem, so I combined some of the information and their own experience to say I understand the "white". If you have a suggestion please leave a message below!

Under normal circumstances, regardless of tubular or solid watercolor suit have white, and white almost will not be used, then why should the package into the white? Pigment manufacturer is to reduce costs? White worthless?

One, painted white

We all know that the watercolor in the "white" has white, scraping white, salt white, painted white. The so-called white paper is of course to draw with white paint friends. For example, the works of water and the tree is painted with white.

The domestic painting watercolor often taboo painting white, can "blank" will not use "painting white", that the white out of the water to lose the sense of transparency, but look at foreign watercolor painting video but often see them use white pigments The This is the habit and aesthetic differences, nothing wrong

Different from the blank, painting white can often create a solemn silence fantastic atmosphere, and can be too bright and bright or said "fire" picture. Moreover, the direct painting than the white really a lot of convenience.

Second, modify the details depict high light

Painting process inevitably want to stay white but accidentally covered by the pigment, this time can only wait for dry after the white to repair. For example, when I painted this grassland scenery, the zebra did not leave blank, and finally can only use white to cover.

Third, reconcile with other pigments to reduce the saturation

I use other colors to add white color cards.

Other colors to add white to add water to reconcile the water directly with the pigment to adjust the effect seems to be no different. We know that plus white is to reduce the saturation, but this can add water, such as to call out the pink, you can use red plus white tones, but direct water can be transferred directly.

If there are other reasons and secrets I do not know, please leave me a message below!

Four, painting stars and other snowflakes waves

Star, snow, spray and other special effects also need to use white paint to reflect.

So the question is here? Why can not my white cover? Why white does not color for a while will disappear?

It is necessary to talk about the nature of the white paint in the watercolor.

The white pigments used in the powdery paint are lead white, zinc white, white earth (barium white), clay (kaolin) and so on. But the watercolor pigment in the white generally two: Chinese white and titanium white. Chinese white is a translucent white, and titanium white is opaque white. So want to cover the strong use of titanium dioxide. On the picture of the stars, spray, I have used titanium dioxide. With the Chinese white simply can not achieve this effect. The zebra used in the picture below the Chinese white.

There are also small tips when using white:

1, must wait until the background completely dry and then on the white;

2, again on both sides, layers of coverage, thick effect was strong;

3, less water and more pigments.

If you have any questions or supplements please tell me in the message.