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What Is The Acrylic Paints To Dilute?

Sep 29, 2017

Acrylic paints is a classic product in industrial paint, we are on its product composition, and coating methods may be more understanding, but we must remember that the paint before and after the semi-diluted package, then the acrylic paints products supporting thinner What is it? Here we come together to understand this issue.

What is the acrylic paints used to dilute it? Paint experts said that the acrylic paints thinner alias acrylic thinner, is a colorless and transparent, with a special aromatic odor of liquid, good solubility, with a variety of organic solvents can be diluted Mixed, while the lower boiling point, the water has a slight solubility.Xinhua paint factory acrylic paints thinner can play what important effect? ① reduce the paint solvent in the resin viscosity, improve the process performance. ② reduce paint viscosity and consistency. ③ to the oil effect, if we find the parts to be sprayed, the surface covered with oil, it is difficult to clean up, do not worry, because as long as they soaked in thinner, the oil will be easily removed, so soaked substrate, But also has a stronger paint adhesion.

Acrylic paints thinner due to the mixing of benzene components, so there are some harm to the human body, we should be in the coating before mixing, should carry out safety precautions, and thus ensure the safety of construction workers, such as strengthening ventilation, wearing protective masks, wear Chemical safety masks, special chemical gloves and so on.