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What Is The Advantage Of Acrylic Paints?

Sep 29, 2017

Acrylic paints products have been the first class in the field of industrial painting, especially in the complex environment of the changing environment of mechanical equipment, acrylic paints is to play its unique coating advantages, then, acrylic paints advantages of what? , Xiao Bian for everyone to answer, what advantages of acrylic paints advantages?

Acrylic paints has excellent weather resistance, high mechanical properties, is the rapid development of a class of industrial paint products.

Acrylic paint with high quality weathering performance, hardness, toughness and other mechanical properties of the parameters is also very good, is widely used, the rapid development of the topcoat products.

The solvent-based acrylic paints is divided into self-drying acrylic paints (thermoplastic) and cross-linked curing acrylic paints (thermosetting), the former is a one-component acrylic paints, which is a two-component acrylic paints.

Since the dry acrylic paints is mainly used in architectural coatings, plastic coatings, electronic coatings, road marking paint.

One-component acrylic paints products Advantages: rapid surface, easy construction, protection and decorative effect is obvious.

Two-component acrylic paints products: acrylic paints, acrylic polyurethane paint, acrylic alkyd paint, radiation curing acrylic paints.

Two-component acrylic paints Uses: Widely used in automotive coatings, electrical coatings, wood coatings, architectural coatings and other fields. The main varieties are acrylic polyurethane paint.

Two-component acrylic paints Advantages: Solid content is usually high, a coating can get thicker film, excellent mechanical properties, can be made of high weather resistance, high fullness, high elasticity, high hardness of industrial paint products The

Summary: The above is the advantages of acrylic paints advantages of what a detailed introduction, acrylic paints is not only a lot of advantages, but also has a strong construction supporting performance, continue to play in large-scale anti-corrosion project performance.