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What Is The Difference Between Acrylic Paint And Polyurethane Paint?

Jun 13, 2017

Acrylic paint film drying fast, good adhesion, heat resistance, weather resistance performance,

It has good outdoor durability and can be applied at low temperature.

Usage: 1. Acrylic paint surface treatment coating to achieve a solid clean, no oil, dust and other dirt, daub the base surface acid-free, alkali or moisture condensation, curing has been a long time fluorocarbon primer, the application of sandpaper after the coat, can be coated after the surface paint, cement wall surface application H01-1 Epoxy closed primer, and then the construction of fluorocarbon primer, topcoat; a matte varnish is applied.

2. Acrylic paint used before the paint and curing agent according to the requirements of the proportion of good, with how much, mixing evenly after use, within 8 hours.

3. Acrylic paint construction process to keep dry and clean, can not be with water, acid, alcohol, alkali and other contact;

4. Acrylic paint construction and drying period, the relative humidity should not be greater than 85%.

The difference between acrylic paint and polyurethane paint is: acrylic paint and polyurethane paint is often used in the middle end of the paint varieties, the two kinds of paint is different, mainly reflected in the paint Shan weatherability performance, Shan mechanical properties; For the user, the two kinds of paint in the scope of use, coating costs have a greater difference.

At present, the most widely used acrylic polyurethane paint, combined with the advantages of two kinds of paint, is a comprehensive performance, indoor and outdoor can be used in machinery, equipment, steel coating field of anti-corrosion, decorative topcoat varieties.

Shan, Corona-acrylic paint, is a kind of outdoor weathering performance better paint, acrylic resin for the performance of the composition of the paint, collectively known as acrylic paint. Single Group of Acrylic Primer (red iron, Gray, black, lead-free, etc.), a single group of acrylic topcoat, acrylic road marking paint, single group of acrylic drying paint and other varieties.

Shan, polyurethane paint, is an excellent indoor mechanical properties of paint, polyurethane for the performance of the determination of the composition of the paint, collectively known as polyurethane paint. There are polyurethane primer, polyurethane solid color topcoat, polyurethane hammer paint, polyurethane varnish and other varieties.