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What Is The Performance Of Solvent-based Acrylic Paints?

Oct 23, 2017

Mechanical equipment, the daily maintenance work is in place, by a lot of maintenance details of the composition, which conservation function of solvent-based acrylic paints coating, is a lot of maintenance details of the important point, solvent-based acrylic paints coating is an excellent effect Of the protection, the following we come to understand that the performance of solvent-based acrylic paints is good or bad.

What is the product type of solvent-based acrylic paints?

This solvent-based acrylic paints products can be divided into thermoplastic acrylic paints and thermosetting acrylic paints, both of which are non-conversion coating, one is the conversion coating, which, since the main dry acrylic coating Fields include electronics, plastics, construction, road marking, etc., solvent-based acrylic paints widely distributed in the construction, protection, decoration, fast drying and other aspects.

Solvent-based acrylic paints one of the cross-linked curing acrylic paints, what kind of products? Solvent-based acrylic paints, including acrylic polyurethane paint, acrylic amino paint, acrylic radiation curing coating, acrylic alkyd paint, and so on, the So it is known as cross-linked curing coating, and only with its high solid content, through a simple coating, you can get a full coating state to meet customer requirements of high hardness, high weather, high elasticity, high fullness Such as painting needs.

What are the conditions for solvent-based acrylic paints construction?

Solvent-based acrylic paints is a double-group coating products, some solvent-based acrylic paints in the coating before the construction of the need for heat curing and radiation curing, while the construction environment has some norms, the majority of solvent-based acrylic paints construction workers in the painting, To master the equipment painting skills to master.